XP Deus and what it means for Minelab


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May 2, 2011
New England
Looks like this machine is being stocked at dealers here in the states. These things are supposed to put to shame the Minelab Etrac. I am very curious about the XP, and may end up buying one. Does anyone on here have experience with the Deus on American soil? Also I would love to see or read about head to head comparisons with the Minelab Etrac.

I think this is the future of high end metal detectors. The wireless capabilities and light weight. If the XP Deus catches on here in the US and threatens Minelabs Etrac sales they will respond with an all new Etrac model, which I think would be great. Currently the Etrac is without a doubt "In" detector to have because of its awesome capabilities. I would imagine Minelab wants to keep it that way?

Minelabs FSB technology is getting old, and the Etracs design is more or less the same as the old Explorers of the late 1990's. I am sure Minelab is well aware of the XP Deus and is probably working on an updated Etrac model as we speak. Either way it's win win situation for us!
I have been debating upgrading to an Etrac but what holds me back is the weight. I hear a lot of complaints about swinging it for any duration. This XP unit comes in at about 1.9 pounds vs. 4.8 for the etrac. Going totally wireless would be nice in my opinion. I think these are so new in the US that the jury is still out. I know Bart from BB hobbies is trying one this weekend as we speak. It wil be interesting to get his feedback. Only thing so far negative I can find on the XP is the price.... Ouch :lol:
Look for a whole lotta hype!

It is just another way to spend a whole lotta money. I love the weight and looks, but it is same-same on depth as most any other high-end VLF machine, and not any more sensitive than my Lobo Super Traq. I tried them in the same farm field, and none of us were that impressed. It's a nice, well built machine, but no better than others in its price range - In my opinion.
I see it as a detector that people with shoulder and arm problems can swing. I have an E Trac. It is heavy. No doubt about it. But there is no way I can spend that kind of money on a detector. Not until I find that jar of double eagles.
I'm sure some people would have said the same about the Goldmaxx Power, which I found nothing special about, and not much different than the typical detector. The Minelabs are different beasts all together, very different, and I don't think anyone who knows an explorer and probably the E-trac, will care too much about switching.

Saying Minelab has "old" technology perhaps is the case considering the Explorer came out about 12 years ago, but at the same time it's a very misleading statement if used as a negative and reason not to buy.

To say an XP will put a high end Minelab to shame I think is pretty funny. I wish I could believe that because I would be the first in line regardless of the price. I would love to switch to another detector that does as well as the explorer does for me at my old sites, but when I can keep showing people good targets they wouldn't dig there's no point in even thinking about switching. I hope one day someone can prove something is better because it would make life much easier for me.
I would imagine if Minelab does come out with a new Etrac it would and should retain the FBS tech along with their excellent audio target ID system in a much lighter perhaps wireless package.

I want to see a video on a live dig on a target masked by iron and see between both machines which obtains the better signal. I think an air test with a coin and a nail on the surface really does not prove a whole lot.
deus vs etrac

Ive been reading on the european forums for a few months about the deus.
Those guys basically conclude the deus is very lite weight, very fast processor, can swing it very fast, depth not as deep as the minelabs. Owners are discussing it now on nasa toms forum. Google it.
The XP Deus has many options other machines don't have, yet.

You can switch frequencies on the fly from 4,8,12,18 khz. Speed up or slow down recovery speed and many many other options.

Its VERY flexible on changing your hunting style with the push of a button to say the least.

I took it out Sat and was very impressed. Didn't find anything great but neither did anyone else I was with. Its ability in iron was very good. I plan on using it much more before I give a real eval.

Super lightweight headphones were AWESOME!! Great job on those!
I was at one time seriously considering purchasing the DEUS and after talking with many of the guys that already owned them and had been using them for some time, I found out that this machine has a ton of cool conveniences. The DEUS doesn't have the depth capability that the etrac does and that was what I was looking for in a detector.

However the DEUS will be a great machine for those of you that are suffering with shoulder injuries and need a lighter machine to swing. Think of what it would be like if all you felt like you were swinging all day was a broom handle, nice and light. I look at the capabilities of this machine along the same line as whites DFX, I know its far from that, but its close enough for comparison. If I didn't feel that I could get everything from a Tesoro that the DEUS offered I would buy one as a backup to the etrac.

I think I made the right choice when I decided to buy the etrac over the DEUS. Minelab has nothing to be concerned with from the DEUS.
Well I use the Goldmaxx Power, and I'm sticking with it for some while yet.
I can't justify the cost of the Deus for the number of times I go out.

The Deus is very popular over here, and so is the Etrac. A lot being down
to brand loyalty, rather than which one is the better machine.
I haven't tried an Etrac, but I find most other Minelab machines far too
heavy, although many people use a bungee harness with them to take the

Those who use the Deus reckon it's a very nice detector to use, but then
again you probably would if you'd paid a lot of money for one.
If nothing else, it's certainly helped XP to get a foothold in the States. :yes:
It all boils down to what YOU like and what fits your needs. Personally I don't think It will handle the abuse of hunting in the woods. All the video's I've watched have all been in the fields. I could be wrong I never held one but i'm pretty hard on my detectors and just can't see it being banged against stumps and rocks. Good luck to anyone that gets one. It seems to compete in depth with all the other detectors.
The XP Deus looks pretty cool but it seems that most people that can afford one already have a really good White's or Minelab. Plus, the Deus isn't different enough to warrant getting another detector. I don't think it's waterproof and it's more expensive than a V3i or E-Trac and it's unproven as a prospector in American soils.

I read the PDF and you can do a frequency offset to reduce EMF and change the amount of power you're putting into the ground, but there's no way to measure how much power you can be putting into the ground. For example, on my VX3 there is a thing called Sensitivity Probe that's very easy to use from the Live Control Bar, you scroll to Sensitivity and press View and it shows you 1) Signal % and 2) Noise % plus lets you adjust that program's preamp receiver gain, disc sensitivity and all metal sensitivity, anything under residual signal of 30-40% is considered good so you can check to your ground at your location, all the production line variables in making your exact loop, plus any EMF you may be encountering, it takes longer to explain than it does to adjust. With the Deus you can't do that so it's a guess. Or you may try someone else's program that works 5000 miles away in soil you'll never even set foot on your whole life and assume that it will work in your soil that very day with the moisure or EMF from power lines, other detectors, microwave towers, electric fences, invisible dog fences or whatever.

If the Deus used all four frequencies at once, was waterproof, and had a way to measure signal quality you're getting back from your exact ground conditions, I think it would be cool. Plus it's only got two coils for it, there's not even a small coil for tot lots, picnic tables, cellar holes, sidewalk strips and smaller gold nuggets.
This very same conversation has been going on for months and months on other forums such as minelabowners forum. Many Minelab owners have gone the way of the Deus XP (and many have also come back). I would refer anybody considering one to read the many (many) threads on the subject of the Etrac vs. Deus over on some of the UK forums. The very general consensus seems to be that the Deus XP is of course lighter and wireless and may in fact be better than the Etrac in some situations. An example would be rallys and other situations where you want to cover a lot of ground quickly. What many owners are also finding though is that the Etrac still beats the Deus on the deeper and 'harder to find' stuff. Many people own both and will head out on to a field first with the Deus to pick up all the easy stuff and then go over it again when they have more time to niggle out all the tougher stuff with the Etrac. The consensus also seems to be that the Deus is not that great on the saltwater beaches so any hunters who also beach hunt seem to be sticking to their Etracs. It is also often said that the Deus works best with the regular sized coil and not that great with the larger one. Those who can afford them both say they are an awesome combination: the Deus first (it can pick up stuff faster than the Etrac) and then the Etrac next (which can find stuff the Deus can't...when you take our time and know what you're doing).

I have spoken with several people at Minelab about this and the response has been "yes we know the Deus is wireless and lighter but the Etrac sales are still healthy...be assured that we are always working on something new but we cannot give any details to the public for obvious reasons...we welcome healthy competition and both detectors currently have their place..." That being said, I also agree that Minelab needs to release something amazing fairly soon because, as we know, many long-time Minelab users are switching over to the Deus. I was all excited by the "big announcement" a month or two back and it turned out to be what looks like a Garrett PP with a slightly different shape. For me, I would love to give the Deus a go but as I hunt the beaches about 50% of the time I am sticking with the Etrac for now.

Again, if you want details from the people who actually own and use both go check out minelabowners.com.
Something else to consider, is that owners of these machines usually go for
the bigger coils. Few seem to be using the standard coils.

There seems to be a "I've got a bigger coil than you" state of mind,
with people arguing over which is the best.
Andy Sabisch checks it out...


He answers questions here...

I have read a lot of his review, (not all), but it seems to me he is being very politically correct and is not saying it is "better" than any others...just different.
New technology, so it is able to find some things others have missed.
Definitely lighter with an upgrade-able usb system.
hope this helps
xp have always worked on signal recognition through audio as the ear is far quicker than ear eye and target number readings joined, which generaly leads to relying on numbers which dictates your dig
after a short time your ear will get used to the quick sounds coming from an xp and you will be able to make a decision quicker to dig or not=more land and targets dug
the remote on the deus was never intended to be a screen for target number conductivety just a helper, the real strong point in the deus and other xp,s is the audio sound of the signal DIG or DONT
xp machines tell you it is iron and receives it not rejecting it so it is not fighting to knock it out so making signal recognition faster :)
alot of people rely on target number id which is a shame as they will walk past alot of deep good things and stuff at weird angles or next to iron where as the fine audio signals of a machine that tells you there is maybe something purely because it has a mid, high, faint audio signal,flutter,ring to it, well its a dig no matter what the numbers are saying which often are low,zero but the signal sounds interesting n now n again up pops something nice :)
price wise??? for a machine that has 4 frequencys and loads of trimings built into one=the more land the better
My question is why cant top end M/L shave some weight , with better screen
and better battery life.
Agreed I love the Minelab FSB tech, but a lighter more economical package would be a huge improvement

Agreed, if they'd release the E-trac at 2.5 lbs I'd buy it in 2 seconds. That's my only gripe about my machine. Too flipping heavy. I keep shaking my arm between digs.
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