Richmond, VA or Central VA?


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Aug 16, 2010
Hello! I've been in Virginia over a year now and I have yet to go metal detecting outside of a couple of beach hunts just to make sure my batteries still worked.

My son has turned 6 and is dying to go detecting somewhere, but I have no idea where to go, and it would be more fun if someone could show us around like a club or even a personal hunt.

He doesn't have a metal detector just yet, but he loves to use the pinpointers and help dig up the goods. I don't want him to lose the hobby and I need more things to get him out and about.

His mom and I are going through a very bitter/contested divorce and I need to keep his mind off of things. This he would love!

Please let me know if there are clubs around! Facebook hasn't produced any help as far as anyone willing to give information. :(
I don't know of any clubs your way. But there's tons of areas to hunt with the farm fields and stuff outside of Richmond. Head up to Frederiksberg or out on one of the peninsulas. There's a few forum members here down your way, I get down there from time to time but I am in nova
I'll keep an eye out. It's amazing that a state with such history doesn't have more clubs available. Maybe I'm not looking in the right spots yet... :shock:
Diggin' in Va holds fall and spring Civil War hunts, they have a facebook group and a signup website. A fun time will be had !
A buddy of mine lives in Richmond and he absolutely kills it on CW relics all over the city. Get a CW map of the city, find out where troops were stationed, overlay that map over the modern city, and go knock on people's doors. You wouldn't believe the stuff he digs up in the yards of 20th century homes.
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