Probably the worst home made tumbler but it works

I save up my dirty clad coins till I have a good amount. Then I go to the supermarket & put all of it in the change machine at the self check out lane. I'll even put Zincolns in it & it will take them as well. It buys my coffee or whatever, and I never have to tumble a single coin. It works great for me.
I built the same thing only to find out the rocks and coins don't get enough friction with the can to tumble inside. they just sit while the can turns. I'm thinking of spraying the inside with bed liner or liquid rubber
Back whenever I used to read all of Karl Von Mueller's articles, I remember a guy had taken a can and used 2 or 3 of the lug nuts to hold it off-center on his vehicle and clean gobs of coins while he was driving around town.:cool: Oh, and love your improvisation. When I was a kid, I read Boy's Life all the time and caught lots of fish with a cut off broom handle screwed into the top of a soup can. I could cast it as far as the other rod and reels.
Another motor that works well is a barbeque rotisserie unit (like those that come with cheap charcoal grills).

When I get my next paycheck, I'll go to the store, and order a charcoal grill with a build-in coin tumbler - Just to see the expression on the salesperson's face :laughing::laughing:

Great Idea though.


The only thing missing is duct tape, holding the lid to the can, or around the drill trigger. Can't get any better than that.
How did I miss this? That is a work of ingenuity. I love the use of the kiddy car. Too bad the drill isn't corded. You have to recharge your tumbler. That kind of stinks.
You Sir Win

Congratulations. I have looked at every design for a homemade, diy, cheap, and "unique" tumbler on the entire internet and you Sir have won. The single bolt through the bottom, is worthy of accolade, the chairs & shoes propping system gets honorable mention for field expediency, but the inverted child’s toy wins hands down for the why didn’t anybody think of that already category. Combined the plan screams “first rule of engineering, what are you trying to get done?”
I love your ghetto rig. If I hadn't received a 'Smithsonian' rock tumbler for my birthday, I'd be biting your style like you wouldn't believe!!!
I went to turn in my change at the bank , and after 3 drop offs of not one word, the old lady with a chip on her shoulder tells me my change is too icky and dirty.

So I made a home made tumbler with a drill , a old kids powder can , a bolt and washer and a drill and hose clamp.

2 chairs hold the drill upright , should holds the back of drill.
Hose clamp tightens to hold drill trigger
Bolt goes in back of can and drill spins with correct socket bit
Toy kiddie car provides wheels to spin , 2nd chair holds can back

By GOLLY! That's so freaking ugly it's BEE YOOO TEEE FUL!

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