Open Hunt: Massachusetts


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May 13, 2008
Rhode Island
Hey there folks.

Just a heads up that Dirt Fishing Adventures is having another open hunt on September 16th near Fitchburg, MA.

This hunt is on an 18th century farm with over 200 acres of mostly wooded land though it was completely clear in the past.

The hunt is 9-5, rain or shine and includes a seeded area and free raffle along with coffee & snacks at check-in. They always have a port a potty as well.

Tickets & more info at
This hunt was our best yet. Quarterhoarder was there with Dog Tag Doug as well as StefDigs of Youtube fame.

That I know of, it produced the following finds:

George Washington Inaugural button
Massachusetts Militia button, circa 1804-05, made in London
Civil War New Jersey coat button
Civil War infantry cuff button
1904 Theodore Roosevelt campaign watch fob
An amazing brooch with a painted portrait still in tact
Jaw harp
3 silver spoons
A Mexico City mint half real
A seated half dime
Several US Large Cents
Plenty of colonial buttons
Barber coins
The usual 20th century silver
Buffalo and V nickels
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