Modified and built two digging tools.


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Jan 20, 2013
St. Charles, IL
Been working on a couple of new diggers. The shovel/ trowel started out as a Ames mini shovel that I bought at Home Depot for $10.00 bucks. I used a cutoff disk to trim the tempered shovel part down, cut the wood handle section out , split the plastic handle down the part that wraps around the wood, attached the handle over the metal handle, and filled the section of missing plastic handle with melted black plastic to close up the gap, sharpened the edges, and filed notches into one edge. The finished tool now weighs 20 ounces and is 19" long.

The knife was made from a tire iron that I found at an old amusement park that went out of business in the 20s. It is very hard and thick tempered high carbon steel. Had to heat it up using charcoal to orange/red hot to take the temper out of if to file the notches in it. Then heated it back up until orange/red again to be able to bend it for handle and slight curve in blade. used a grinder to sharpen it, heated it up until a magnet did not stick to it and cooled it off quickly in peanut oil to re-temper it. Fun projects.


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I have been trying to upload pictures but keep getting error message
(could not complete because security token missing) whatever that means.
Please tell me what I have to do to upload the pictures.
Thanks for the help. I got the pictures to work by resizing them in Paint program. Also did a search on FMDF and found that has been a problem for many folks in the past. Now I fill like a part of the forum family.
Those are two beautiful pieces of metalwork! I doubt if they will get the exposure here that they deserve. Thanks for sharing.
Wow nice work! I wish I was that handy with that kind of stuff, I am only good with computers and electronics. Thanks for sharing!!
Very nice work on those diggers! They look great you will have to keep us up to date on how they work in the spring. They are calling for 5 to 6" of snow tomorrow!:( I didn't even notice your location before but I'm not far from you in joliet/plainfield 55 and 30.
Mad skills bro! Kind of makes me embarrased to post my "you take me wit you wambo!" survival knife mod later!:lol:
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