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Great Silver Hunt Today!!

Digger RJ

Elite Member
Jul 22, 2019
Park Hill Oklahoma
Jimmy D. & I took off after Church today and drove about 40 minutes away. Met a couple at an older house and think We talked with them for almost an hour😳
Good visit though and they told Us that they had ran a guy off about 4 years ago that detected their yard when they were gone. When they came home he chased him off. He told them that he had the Mayors permission to detect the whole town?🤷🏼!♂️ Who does that!!! Anyway he left open holes all over their yard. Some People!!!!
After talking for almost an hour We convinced them to let Us hunt. Turns out they’re good Christian folk and know some of the people We do. He’s gonna put Us
a good word in for several houses around them for Us to hunt!!! That’s Awesome!!! We let them see everything We found and they watched for a little while. So much better when You run into great folks like this.
Anyway Jimmy kind of tore it up with 4 Silvers, 2 of which were a Merc cut in half😳! I ended up with one Barber Dime , 2 Buffalo Nickels and 5 Wheats!!
Barber Dime-1903
Buffalos-1917, no date
Thanks for looking and Happy Hunting!!!!

The bottle says “E.R. Durkee & Co. New York” on the side. Think it’s an old salad dressing bottle. Has 1877 stamped on the bottom which is probably the patent date.


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