Garrett ATpro battey compartment repair


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May 17, 2024
After a spell of disuse my ATPRO would not turn on or stay on. After checking the batteries and holder, which were not corroded, I noticed that one of the contact connectors and the retaining screw at the bottom of the battery compartment was corroded. Not sure why that occurred but it needs repairing. I need to know how to disassemble the case and where to purchase a new connector. The ATpro is like new in all other respects... Thanks for any tips...
Take a pencil with a good eraser and scrub the contacts at the base inside. The rubber won't hurt the contacts, but will clean off any corrosion. This trick has always worked for me in the past. If that don't work, I would consider contacting Garrett to see what they say. Good luck.
Garrett is excellent when it comes to support. I had broken my AT Pro headphones during travel and contacted them asking if they had any available for me to purchase or the part that was broken. Since it was the older type, they sent me a free set.
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