Fixing Nokta Legend Button Legibility

Machine is very dirty but I used a fine white ink pen from Amazon. It still hasn't worn off after a full year of hunting.
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Mark in Michigan
I contacted Nokta and suggested that they should color the buttons. Even backlight them. It would be so easy for them to do that at the facility..... Betcha the the buttons are improved next update. Keep swinging.

Mark in Michigan
I did the same white paint trick almost as soon as I received my Legend. I got an “ultra fine” tipped white paint pen from the Mart with Walls for a couple of bucks. Had the choice between oil or acrylic based paint - I chose acrylic only because they are a little more flexible when dry, and I figured that would be better with the rubberized buttons. I only have about 35 hours on mine, but it seems to be holding up well. Pinpoint button is showing a touch of wear, but I use pinpoint on almost every target with my dirt encrusted gloves. I figure the paint pen will last quite awhile for any touch ups I might need to do.


Hey guys, good idea coloring the buttons (especially for an old blind guy like me). It looks like some of you are using a screen cover also---should I be using one too??
It looks like some of you are using a screen cover also---should I be using one too??

I highly recommend it for any detector. Cheap insurance to protect the screen and potential resale value. Just like silver coins, even a simple swipe with a dirt infused glove (or bare finger) is enough to noticeably scratch the screen.

For the Legend, I’ve purchased both the Nokta branded and Detect-Ed branded Legend screen protectors, each in a 3-pack. The only difference appears to be price - the Detect-Ed version is more expensive, but also comes with cleaning wipes purportedly to aid in installation. Many Amazon reviews noted that those wipes arrived dried out, and so did mine. Nothing that a little rubbing alcohol and a soft cloth couldn’t cure, but still annoying. Otherwise, the actual screen protectors themselves appear virtually identical, and pretty clearly sourced from the same manufacturer - protective films and labels are exactly the same. The Detect-Eds are under $16 on Amazon, the Noktas are $14 (“free” shipping with Prime on both). But you can find the Nokta version at dealers for $10…if you’re buying from a dealer and getting enough other stuff to get free shipping, then I’d recommend going with Nokta. (Detect-Ed) (Nokta) (Both offered at a US dealer)

I’ve only actually installed the Detect-ed ones so far…the Nokta branded are my current backups. I mucked up my first installation (too many bubbles, then ruined the protector trying to get it back up to reposition it…more on that later). Second install went perfect, but the machine went back to the seller. Replacement machine got the third from the Detect-Ed 3 pack, which also went well. Anyway, that’s why I’ve also now purchased the Nokta pack…I’ve used all the Detect-Eds, so I’ve got the Noktas on hand when needed.

Two things about these particular protectors. Removing the second (blue) film after installation is not easy - it sticks to the screen protector too well. Pulling up on the provided tab resulted in the tab coming off but not the film no matter what I tried on all three installations. It takes a lot of patience and care to get that blue film off. Also, once installed, it isn’t coming off easily…that’s both a great thing and a potential bad thing. Obviously, you generally want it to stay in place, so that’s fantastic. But if you do need to reposition the initial placement because of an air bubble, you may be in for a fight. The protectors fit absolutely perfectly (also great), but if you notice, the screen is actually recessed from the faceplate slightly, so once in place, I couldn’t even get my fingernail in the gap to lift an edge, and I actually broke a toothpick trying as well.

Anyways, probably way too much detail about a $10-$15 purchase, but there you go!
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