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First CRH of 2022.....


Forum Supporter
Mar 6, 2019
Why in his kingdom are you limiting yourself to only 1 bank ?


Forum Supporter
Jul 22, 2016
Winnsboro, South Carolina
Well, KT you do seem to be an avid coin roll hunter ! :laughing::laughing::laughing: (just joking :lol: figured you and others would get a laugh out of this)


Not the first time KT was in the "funny papers" :lol: (see links below)





Official Tot Lot King
Forum Supporter
Mar 18, 2011
Mabelvale, south of Little Rock, Arkansas
Why in his kingdom are you limiting yourself to only 1 bank ?

Banks require a business account to order boxes of coins at no charge. When this all started, the Queen had a business account with this bank. KT took advantage of that requirement at the supplier bank. However, about 5 years ago She closed the account, but KT was able to continue ordering boxes for free. If it ever ends, KT will see about opening an account with our local Federal Credit Union, because they will furnish boxes no cost, or so He has been told. The problem is the drive distance to obtain the boxes. Some 10 miles presently vs. 25 miles one way to the Credit Union in North Little Rock. Just more hassle, but if KT has to go that route, then He will start off asking for 5 boxes again.

Since KT started this activity in 2012, many of the banks that had coin machines have removed them, so another important link of this chain is access for free to said dump machine. If no account, banks charge 10% for use of the machine and NO ONE can afford that deep a cut into their base money flow. Supposed to be basically a “free” hobby, not counting gas cost and time spent.

Finally, if the silver eventually drops off to very little recovery, the discouragement factor will loom large in a decision to finally quit.

But KT is far from ending it at this stage.