Does anyone know about the 1958 Silver penny?

As a foolish child in the early 50's, we used to rub mercury on coins to 'shine them up'. Used our hands with out gloves too...
I have four silver wheat back Lincolns, one being a 1943, all stamped on dime planchets. These are common to find in big rare coin auctions but i’d guess that because of their rarity, oft-planchet coins were never lost.

Many of the cheaper examples were cleaned, scratched or filed on the edge to test for plating. It’s too bad that the owners cut the value in half by doing so. Cheap ones sell for $300-500/each. My 1943, albeit damaged, is a $2000 coin.

Metal detectors are a good tool to test for genuineness.

I’ll post some decent pics soon.
I found a 1958 silver wheat penny this morning, and I've never seen one like it before. It is stamped from Delaware and the edges are raised up. They are also smooth. Has anyone found one of these before, or have any information about it?
I found a 1958 Wheat, no mint silver finish, weighs 3.7g. warn edges, showing copper core, that I would like to know more about as well.


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Its a plated wheat which is considered "damaged" in the coin community. Worth face value. Hit that area more. May be more wheats hiding there.
I also have a 1958 steel penny
see attached


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