Current Gold (and other metals) Prices!


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Jul 27, 2006

Here is a little chart to help ppl find the current gold price. It goes by the ounce. Saw some info about gold in this sub forum so i decided to post this.

Refreshing this Page will give you the current price.

Hope This helps!

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Here's the big list ;)

Re: Current Gold Prices!

Good help for us . Do you have one for current silver prices also ? Thanks, steve in so az
Do not sell your gold or silver. It's going waaaay higher because of all the money printing and devaluation of the dollar and the European countries in major budget deficit problems. Pray we don't go into hyperinflation like Zimbabwe.

TD right now is 8:10AM, 23 august, and in the last 5 minutes gold dropped first by $25 and then by another 6 to $31

If this keeps up, it'll be no time at all before gold gets back to $32 Ozt as it was when I was growing up!!


Gold down $34.20
Precious metals are in free fall!!!
Run for the shelters everyone!!!


Gold down $46.60
The humanity...oh the HUMANITY!!!
But on the bright side - we're always lamenting that we wish we could return to "the good old days"!!

Be sure to hit " refresh " every time when visiting this page,, or any site. Scroll down the original post & you can see the price of silver, too.
Another calculator site that gives both gold and silver current prices ....

and lets you calculate from your markings and weight what the metal value is. KT purchased a nice small scale accurate to .01 grams for weighing his finds since gold got so high...and it was only $45. The scale is an Advance PS7 and has a 200 gram capacity. Can be purchased from
They have a large number of electronic sales available.

This is not an ad for this company. KT has no affilation with them but was a customer and was pleased with their good service and large variety of scales...HA HA I consider them the Wal-Mart of scales for number and variety.
Took my aluminum cans and some yellow brass to the recyclers today.

Yellow brass was going for $1.05/pound and $0.49/pound for the cans. I waited until they had an additional 5 cents/pound coupon for the cans so got $0.54/pound for them at least.

The yellow brass was from cheap key holders and some binder clips work was tossing out. 20 pounds worth so didn't rich off the workplace garbage :p
just to add to the OP..
all precious metals are based on troy ounces, 31.101g/ozt.

to calculate how much pure gold or silver you have:

(weight in grams x purity) / 31.101 = ozt of your item.

multiply that result with 'spot' the number quoted up to the second on and thats precisely what your item is worth in terms of its raw (melt) metallic content. items can have additional collector premium beyond their 'melt' value.

Quick example

14k gold ring that weighs 3.4 grams.

3.4g x (14/24) / 31.101 = 0.0637 ozt
0.0637 ozt x 1332 (gold spot as of 11:57 3/20/2014) = $84.94
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