Anyone use a Tesoro as main detector?

I use my trusty old Stingray 2 as my main freshwater detector as it will find small gold and chains like no other.
I don’t anymore as a main. But I have two compadres and I prefer one in a tot-lot to the Nox 800. Thinking of taking one camping soon.
I loved the Tesoro Lobo and Lobo Super Traq until I figured out that they actually didn't do very well in iron mineralization compared to some other 19 kHz detectors. My concept of Tesoro brand loyalty was shattered forever. Same for the Silver micro Max and especially the Mojave with its easy and difficult soil switch which made next to no difference. Vaqueros wouldn't ground balance here either.

Oh well, I guess Tesoro was telling the truth when the simply didn't recommend their detectors for high iron mineralization.

I once did a test with a 4" deep USA nickel using a Cibola and Vaquero. Even with the discrimination turned all the way up to MAX, the nickel was still sounding out loud and clear.......upaveraging in the dirt out here was off the charts.

I still really liked Tesoro's though.
I still want to try a Cortez if I ever find one cheap.
I know people didn't really like that model but it always interested me.
I have 9 i still love them especially the compadres compact so small i keep in a back pack when deer hunting and stumble on those old homesites thru out New England plus i live 1mile from plymouth rock and there's silver everywhere and honestly any detector even my fisher 1212 screams loud... I always hated looking at a screen thats making me read something... i use a mxsport for snorkeling around the many old swimming holes here.. must confess though im back in the forums seeing what the hot detectors are im thinking about a new one!
Not as my main but I still use analog detectors. I have one with the clean sweep and a Cibola. Selling the Cibola only because I have too many detectors to use. I sold Tajue a compadre because I prefer the 1212X. I have 3.
I been using a Tesoro DeLeon up until recently until I decided to get a Minelab Xterra Pro. To be honest I really can't tell that one is better than the other. I still find to many pull tabs, bottle caps & foil.
I got a Mojave as my first detector. I will never be a skilled detectorist but i did get to the point I could ID quarters and dimes pretty well, and that machine found me some nice silver, cool artifacts and a gold wedding ring. But when I got the Nox 600 I went into areas I had abandoned for being too trashy, as well as some well covered with the Mojave, and pulled quite a bit of silver, IHPs etc. Found three V nickels with the Tesoro and none since I switched... weird.
Just wondering.
I saw a video of one with a 12 inch dd doing well in mineralization.
I miss my tiger shark. It was an amazing fresh water machine and sooo deep once supertuned. I always wished they would have made a DD coil for them or that they continued to compete and stay in business. They were a very solid company with great products.
I've been mostly using a Minelab, but I can't bring myself to sell my Tesoros..

I have a high tone Vaquero with 3 coils, 2 Compadres, and a Cibola. I kind of love them all..The Compadres are special.. I've made peoples' jaw drop a few times walking behind them and plucking out finds with the Compadre.

I think the Tesoros can still compete very well when relic hunting and in iron infested areas.
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I just checked the ebay completed listings and the Tesoros are still selling at strong prices. $400+ for vaqueros and $200+for cibolas...

.Ebay's fees are too much, end up with 2/3 after fees and shipping. Then if you sell over $600 in a year you also pay additional taxes...

There's even a post here in the classifieds to trade an Equinox 600 for a Vaquero w/ 2 coils. Thats impressive and I dare say.... tempting...
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I bought a brand new Tejon from a shop owner that closed a few yrs ago for $75 bux.. I sold it , but I miss that machine til this day ..I don't know about any other Tesoro but the Tejon rocked it.. love to find one rocked in Iron..and the Tejon had 2 disc knobs and a trigger when pulled alternated to the 2nd disc ...that way you could check targets.. loved that was deep!!!!
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