A note of inspiration for new folks - Long and boring

Great inspirational story for us newbes. Thanks (I didn't know I was going to have to learn to dance too!)
Such a great way to word this hobby and the trials and tribulations of success and defeat!!
Awesome inspiration.
Thank you for this.
Happy findings to all!!
Thanks for the inspiration

Great Story, well told and an inspiration to the new and experienced alike. I am new and I have been trying to do all the right things also, joined a club, watch youtube videos until my eyes bleed, researching and looking and trying to learn....then out to the field to dig and sweat and dig and sweat with really nothing expect a pile of trash and some clad, but I know this is a work in progress and one day, some day I will find El Dorado!

As a matter of fact I found my first wheat penny today...of course I found it in my change from getting my morning coffee at McDonalds but it's a wheatie none the less :grin:

Stay positive, Stay Strong!
Thanks for the encouraging words! Especially after I spend hours on my first hunt in the east coast and find 50 bottle caps and a 2003 dime.
Great post !!!

I can relate. My first couple of months I dug almost every signal and said to myself..."this is no fun, why am I doing this?"...until I dug my first Rosie.

Now with too many good finds in my box I can't think of anything else that I want to do more than this.
Love it, great story. We have all been in that "park" at one time or the other. I have found in 15 years of doing this that you love it one day and hate it the next.
You forgot the nails and junk iron.

Ive been their and done that. My island Where I live is so small. I keep hunting the same areas. The beach is the best place at this stage of the game for me. So now I need to travel and research history on sites far away that I want to hunt. The sites that have all the good old stuff is on National seashore here. The ocean storms are making our beaches narrow with less room for summer people. The new summer homes have taken over. The air view map give big areas and places to park. But when you get their. Its all pucker bush and over grown. I've bought new detectors and just keep hammering these area's over and over. I do have one spot to hunt. Their a good chance of treasure or old gold and silver coins being their. A ship went down with millions on it at this location. It was never found. But this place was a town back in the day. They also put out fake channel markers and wrecked these ships. Then took was on them. Their was so many ships wreck their. That they had fires burning 24 hours a day year round from ship timbers alone. But you need a boat. Plus you can't hunt the area in the summer. Birds nesting their and the area is closed. Anyway Keep at it. You'll learn the tricks as you go. Plus being outside in nature isn't bad. When in a lot of woods. I Like stay on the high ground in the woods. One is you don't get lost. And two. Think back to the days when things were different. People hunted for food. No stop and shops. Hunters would overlook areas on high ground. They lose stuff like everyone else does. Or like entering at a beach. Everyone with detectors will walk down steps and head right for the water to start detecting. They don't think how humans have habits. At my beach people buy snacks or food. Their grab the food and walk down the stairs and stop to see where they were located. But for some reason they still have the change in their hand. When they stop to see where their located. That's when they put their change in their pocket. Still trying to hold everyone food and trying to put their change in their pocket at the same time. You can learn by just watching peoples habits. Their goes most of their change at the bottom of the steps. I found so much stuff at this spot while other walked right over it. You need to change the way you look at sites, people etc. Hope this helps. I just posted a overlay map site in General forum and also in research. These maps use your house location to start out with a updated map of your area. By clicking on side bar and picking another older map of your area. Like a 1936 map of your area. Putting these two maps side by side. You can tell where building use to be. Some aren't their now. So you'll know where to hunt. Just compare these two maps side by side. move maps anywhere in your state.
Yep, sometimes it is a grind. Detecting 6 hrs and finding nothing can do a number on ya. Some days I was lucky to find a penny, nickel, dime, and quarter. Came home empty handed many times. The thing is... there's always a next time.

Carol I just came across this story, it's AWESOME.
AS co owner you should repost this for some of the new people.
Great story.
Good story Tinfoil. I'm new on here and just retired a few years ago. Living in Ohio isnt always nice enough to get out to detect. I read some stories on here how some people have found over 200k in clad coins. They must be hunting in the MINT. I'm like some of you. When I go out, I get excited when I find a silver coin or and old indian head or large cent. Guess I need to get out more. A lot more.
I just spent three hours in my yard that I have pounded then pounded again now pounding with nel 15 storm. Found a tiny copper pipe. Didnt find anything worth digging but I'm sure I'll pound it again and again with different settings. Different headphones. Different coils. Maybe I'll find my first pre 1900 hundred silver by doing this or penny or nickel as my only find pre 1900 was a 1868 two cent piece. Maybe I wont. But going in my yard is convenient and it's better than being inside.
Never Give Up
Agreed, I came across the story just browsing. But a repost could be a great thing.
Of course, are you still doing it? I am new also and found a 1941 quarter. Of course it was in some change I got back. lol
The key to sticking with this hobby is that you have to be able to enjoy the hunt itself regardless of the finds.

Now I'm sure it is "more" fun when you dig really good finds, but I still have fun even though so far I've dug only clad, modern pennies, and trash (and one junk ring :lol:)

One thing is I benefit from the needed exercise, and I'd rather get exercise digging clad, pennies, and trash rather than walking on a boring treadmill :lol:

Even though I got a modest detector in 2016 my freedom to hunt was very limited from being a caregiver to my elderly mother-in-law who had dementia, so my real start as far as regular hunting didn't start till about August of last year.

I live in a small town with a relatively low population so parks have fairly low foot traffic so not a huge amount of "drops" potential over the years as in more highly populated towns.

I have hunted about 10 different locations so far, including several parks / recreation areas, 2 different private property permissions and of course my own yard :lol:

I still have yet to find my first silver coin or anything other than clad and modern pennies as far as coins, usually a 2 to 3 hour hunt might get me anywhere from about 2 to 13 coins per hunt, no recent drops, you can tell the coins have been in the dirt for quite a while, but still only clad and modern pennies. (maybe after writing this my next hunt will get me my first silver :lol:)

Anyhow, my point is, even after all those hours hunting and all the coins being only clad and modern pennies, I still look forward to my next hunt and I still have fun and enjoy the hunt !

Now would I like to dig some really old coins ? Sure, who wouldn't ? .....and while I keep hoping to do so (hoping is part of the fun :lol:) .....not having as of yet done so does not keep me from still having fun and enjoying my hunts !

I think my chances of digging old coins will be better when I can get some better private property permissions, especially if they have yet to be hunted or were hunted very little.

In the meantime I am still having fun regardless ! :D
If you ever write a book on Inspiration, don't call it the "Long Boring Book of Inspiration". :) :lol: (per your subject line) Nice post.
I know the feeling.. Long

I've been detecting for over 40 years and there will be days that finds will be very slim.
Of course I enjoyed finding those rings and jewelry,but the whole metal detecting hobby is about getting out in the fresh air and exercising .
When you are bored of being a couch potato you can get out there in the open fields and get a new perspective of life while watching all those folks around you.
I have been made fun at, told to get a job, and even asked if that's how I make a living.
We are unique because are not concerned with what others say about us since we feel the satisfaction of doing what others laugh at.
My friend was offered a $10 bill since they thought he was homeless. He took it anyway.
I used to be a teacher and one Saturday I was detecting at the school I taught at . I noticed that one of my students was watching what I was doing.
She never figured it was her teacher since I had some worn out jeans and shirt and a hat.
She told the following Monday about the man she had seen at school doing what I like to do.I told her it was me and she refused to accept it was me.
I guess they figured that on the weekends , they put the teachers in the closet and took us out on Monday.
I enjoyed you post and I hope it will inspire some more people to pick up the hobby.
Happy Thanksgiving Day.
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