When Silver is Better Than Gold (Part 2): Tiffany, Ray Bans and a Near Rolex Miss (LOL!)


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Apr 14, 2006
Was in the water today with NuBlu at about 8:30 am and was able to witness a very cool waterspout that was about 3 miles offshore. :shock: I hunted for just over 4 hours, but the 2nd half of the hunt was much better. I thought I was going to have my worst hunt of the year until the 1st silver ring ended that distinction. In the last half hour would come the 2nd silver ring (more on that one later!), the toasted watch and the Ray-Bans missing some of the outer coating on the lenses. It’s too bad as those frames are in great shape. When I ended my hunt, and got to the car, I got my loupe and checked out the rings. The 1st silver ring I couldn’t see the 925 but at home I can make it out in a dark area. The second silver ring I saw “Paloma Picasso” on one side so I am thinking good but when I turn it around to look at the other side I couldn’t believe what I saw :dingding: “Tiffany & Co 925”! I would later google that ring and although it’s a discontinued model it sold for just over $500. I wont get that much when I sell it but I am sure it'll be over $100. The diamond of course tests real. Conditions seemed to have sanded-in again from 2 weeks ago since the surf was calm this entire week. No gold today, but I’ll take a Tiffany over a plain gold, gram for gram, any day!


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That's awesome! How much you going to sell that Tiffany ring for????
Whatever it goes for when I put it up on eBay. I will start it $100. I can't imagine it won't sell and I'd have to lower it. That brand sells for ridiculous money.
that certainly is a nice Tiffany ring!!
i have a 1997 tiffany silver band
found prob around year 1999
only one i've ever found
We used to find a ton of silver when I lived in Japan. It was nice, the Japanese LOVED silver and would pay top dollar for certain brands even used. It was not uncommon to sale sliver finds for $200-$400 once cleaned.
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