What's your favorite White's detector


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Sep 14, 2011
Just wondering what it would be like finding white's detectors?Anyone have a favorite Whites detector from all of them? When are the Garrett folks coming out with a remake whites detector? :chaplin:
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I had the DFX, and the Beach Hunter ID. both good detectors, but I think a remake of the MXT would not be a bad thing.
The Whites Eagle Spectrum really rocked my detecting world, but I used the DFX for a good 10 years and really was one of my favorite detectors of all time.
I had a 5900 di pro, a 6000 di pro, an eagle spectrum, three XLTs and a V3i. I think the XLT was probably my favorite. Found a lot of good stuff with that detector.
I had an XLT and a DFX. The DFX was a great machine. I used it many years and I found a LOT of nice stuff with it. But honestly they just don't come close in performance or weight to the top of the line machines these days. Garrett/Whites should be looking ahead and not back.
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Just wondering what it would be like finding white's detectors?Anyone have a favorite Whites detector from all of them? When are the Garrett folks coming out with a remake whites detector? :chaplin:
Whites MXT tracker E series by far have had two am in the process of selling my second one. One heck of a coin and relic machine. Unit will hunt in any soil conditions. Dug my first bayonet and Us plate with it and oldest coin being a 1772 #2 reale. A great machine for seasoned hunters and beginners.
I've had many Whites from the Coinmaster, Spectrum, XLT, MXT, DFX, Vision, V3i, but none clicked with me like the DFX. My buddy still uses a DFX to this day. for tot lots. The DFX can still keep up with today's best in a tot lot.
I had the V3i and the MXT. I would take the MXT all day long over the V3i. Just put it in Relic mode, set the threshold to a slight hum and get into quiet ground and wait for a raise in the threshold. Dug me some Indians and wheats deep like that. Two things most who never used the MXT didn't realize was the forgiving swing speed and it's ability to handle the power lines. I'm still waiting to buy my old one back but my brother in law just won't turn lose of it just yet (been 12 years). I pray the 5.3 eclipse is still intact. I don't care about the 9.5.
I only had the V3i and it's a great machine but I switched over to the Manticore as the V3i was getting to tough to swing on my shoulder after a few hrs.

It was a shame they sold off the company. Garrett will probably never offer a new Whites.
Had the coinmasters and all the 6000s loved the 6000 series 3 found more silver than any other but it probably could have been any detector at that time . But I gelled with the mxt it was my favorite till I minelabed lol .
TRX is my favorite whites now have 2 .
Must be hard to make a better pinpoint or there just not trying . sube
Years ago I bought a White's Dual Field water machine. I used it as my main water hunting machine from ankle deep to chest depth for a while and started modifying it to increase it's strength and to make it more water proof. I built 2 battery packs using rechargeable batteries, modified the battery housing for easier access and more leak resistance. This machine allowed me to step up on my scoop and lean on the strong coil and shaft while I was digging deep targets. Most of the many precious jewels I found over the years were using this detector!!!
Jul 26, 2016
These mods have helped this machine withstand years of heavy use and abuse!! The pile of jewelry was mostly recovered from the water using the Dual Field and a sifter!

1st Completed Mr. DF

2nd Bracing that allows me to steady myself when digging by often standing on Diablo's back plate!!

3rd Locking device made by my Friend Frank to secure the cover clamps against accidentally opening!

4th Epoxy coating of the coil cover that hardly shows any wear after years of heavy use!!

5th The reinforced attaching points that protects the coil's top surface from major forces!!

PS. Forgot to mention the Custom "Scully" earphones! (Thanks OBN!!)


  • Mr. Dual Field.JPG
  • Bracing to allow use as crutch.JPG

    Frank's Control Clamp Lock.JPG

    • Diablo Gold 018 (Large).jpg
  • Epoxied coil cover shows no wear---.JPG
  • Coil re-enforcements.JPG
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I have the M6 (great machine) now in reserve. then the MX sport ( good machine) in reserve and a TRX pin pointer (excellent) I wanted to get a second TRX and could not. One of the few regrets I have in metal detecting. I hope the TRX comes out as whatever and I'll buy one or maybe two. Yesterday out hunting and I stopped while pin pointing and looked at the TRX and thought don't fail me old friend. I now have an equinox 900 liking it so far. struggling a little with the numbering compared to the White machines. From when I was a kid Whites was the way to go. So sad they are no more.
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