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Jun 29, 2006
First off, I would never advise to clean anything valubable.

For stuff that isn't, toothpaste works well. It is slightly abravise, but works well. I try it alone with my finger at first. If it isn't clean enough for me, I use a wore out toothbrush. It works well on Brass and Copper.

I have used it on coins also. I use it to clean between links on my watches. It works well!
I use automotive polishing compound on non-valuable coins. So far I haven't found enough clad to justify buying a tumbler, but this takes off the ground stain in about a minute of rubbing. No minty fresh taste, though :lol:
I've used it on wheat cents that are in rough condition to try and read the dates ... works as well as anything else I've tried so far.
I use white toothpaste to clean the silver chains I wear, rinse with cold water.. Makes them "Bling Bling".
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