Permission ad I put on Craigslist.

yeah, look out , out there! be safe.:shock:
Trust me, there is a slim to no chance of me going into a war zone in Detroit. I know where the bad spots are, so no Rambo metal detecting for me. I've had a gun put to my head twice in Detroit just pumping gas some time back. I like me too much for that sh+t.

Mark in Michigan
I dove a truck in the mid 70's after getting out of the service. Had a load going to Detroit, it was late so I pulled off the road to catch some sleep,woke up to the felling of my truck moving. When I poked my head out of the sleeper I saw someone moving outside my truck,grabbed my pistol and rolled down the window. They were jacking up my truck ignored me when I yelled at them. When I stepped out of the truck with the pistol, they quickly left leaving me with a nice jack.
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