No Gold But Still Got a Nice Score With The Prada's!


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Apr 14, 2006
I have been on a tear taking off to detect after work. Yesterday, I went again after the last day for students, taking NuBlu out for another 4+hour spin . (Today was the last day for teachers). I will work another 5 days and be off for the summer. Targets were few thoroughout most of the hunt. Most of the pennies came in 2 separate "Santeria spills". :roll: When I found the glasses I saw the “Prada” and thought they were either fake or going to be inexpensive designer glasses. I was wrong on both counts. They’re real and retail new for close to $300. I hope to be able to get close to $100 for those as they are in excellent shape with very light scratches that I am going to work taking off with Polywatch. When the gold doesn’t come up in the scoop having found at least one nice item sure feels good.


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You are for sure the King of Sunglasses. What you got there is Plastic Gold !
You've got to be kidding me. Do people pay that much for a pair of sunglasses? Some people just have too much money.
I agree but who am I to argue with André! :lol:


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Don't need to return them to get the reward Earl! :pirate:
OK mate :scope:, :secret:, glad your only working one more week , those kids are saying hasta la vista baby , no more paddle burns till September , PS I here a older woman with a cane is looking for somebody who has her sun glasses , shes gonna make him walk the plank , when she catches up to them :sadbye::lol:
Way to go! Weird so far. Only got a couple pairs of junk sunglasses. Been waiting for the magic ray ban numbers on the screen. But nope! Actually haven't found any phones so far.
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