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May 24, 2006
been visiting as a guest long enough , decided to take the plunge and intoduce myself . ive been detecting for about five years now . i mainly hit old foundations with my dfx . i usually get out once a week for about 6-7 hours , finds so far this year include king george coppers , indian head pennys , old buckles buttons but the best find so far has to be the 1786 connecticut copper . i'm looking forward to conversing about tips , ideas and meeting alot of you del
Del, its good to have you here. I just started hunting old foundations this year, and its a ball. Find a lot of junk, but hey, thats all part of the game eh. :yes:
hi del cool to see you joining this cool forum :grin: been detecting old foundations and stone walls n rubble today hard work, but worth it got some cool thimbles and two rings missing there stones alas.all the best man,happy hunting
Welcome del

Must be a couple of real gooooooooooood stories with 5 years under your belt.

thanks for the welcome , i'm from northern connecticut and know tony from t.c. very well (see ya at the next meeting tony) . infact he's sold me my last three detectors . pictures of finds will be in the future for sure . old relics are just as much fun as old coins from these places and new england is just full of them . del
Wel come aboard del, I hope you find the forum useful and fun, good luck on your mding. smg
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