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Feb 19, 2013
New London Ohio
One thing that I see is post that someone likes gives their user name. I don't like that being done because on another forum it seemed like people were liking peoples post if they liked their post. Then you had small groups liking each others post.
In my way of thinking, people that do that can still do so whether it says their username or not. Although personally, I like being able to see who liked it, so that I know who liked it. Otherwise, the likes are just a number that doesn't have as much meaning. :shrug:
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The Like button is a novelty. The emojis are called Reactions. The forum attached a game to it with points for the most reactions. It's kind of juvenile but I agree with wolf-dog. It's nice to see who likes your posts. If you don't like using them, there is a ton of smilies in your text editor. :waytogo:
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