Got tips on night detecting?


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Feb 23, 2011
Found a old school still in operation today, and I want to detect it. The problem is the village idiots are still their with their spawn after school hours as well. Think I want to try some night hunting here. Especially because daddy daycare is in full effect right now during the daylight. Any people here night hunters? or at least tried it? What kind of setup do you use for lighting etc.? I'm not too much worried about street erchants at the said location either, should be fairly safe, and I can handle myself well.
I have done a little but it was in my yard. I do like it, and don't care what the neighbors might think. I just used a small flashlight to help when I dug a few hits. I focused on the tones and would use the light to see the numbers if it sounded good.
When I do my early AM hunts, before the sun comes up, I use a headlamp that features a secondary red led. I hunt with the red on so I can see my display and don't fall into a hole but when I get a good tone, I'll flip on the white led and dig.
Lets see.... Night vision goggles, ghillie suit, and ear buds. Think that covers it. :D
J/k only done a night hunt once but there was some night lights close by and I was on privet property so didn't matter if I was stealthy or not.
Majority of mine is night hunting...

I work 'til dark, so not much choice. I use a bomber headlamp by Black Diamond. There's just about no one around this time of year so I can light things up without any problems. Everyone knows me and I have permission to hunt their yard. Have used a red lamp, but it's no longer necessary. Dress to keep warm and be prepared for evening dew. Bugs may be an issue. Mosquitoes, etc..
Good luck ! It's a nice time to hunt.
Some schools have rules about operating hours. For instance, one park I hunt does not allow public in that park until all children are gone. (Right next to and used by a school) It also states that the park closes at 8 PM.

I would ask permission to hunt that school at night, otherwise you may be trespassing and get a bracelet escort downtown.:lol:

It's one thng to hunt your yard in the dark, but it's something completely different if you are on a school property in the dark. It will appear to the unknowing or law enforcement as if you are making an effort to break into the school, and that is the last thing you
i do alot of nite hunting, my GTI has a backlit screen that i cover with a bandana so the light won't take away from my nite vision, i only lift the bandana to check the ID and during pinpointing. a small glow dot on the "hot spot" of the coil is also a help during pinpointing. i hunt in total darkness and only use the propointer LED for locating the target. headlamps seem to blind me of my suroundings so i don't use them, the only time i use a headlamp is beach hunting with my AT pro since it doesn't have a backlit screen, then i use a blacklight caplight.


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Baseball cap with built in led lights in the brim, only turn it on when i'm sifting for the target. Great invention! Ebay...
The few early morning before daylight hunts of the King were when He used a caplight similar to the one illustrated in the previous post. Worked well and when hunting open areas, one does not even need to turn the light on...Let the coin Force guide you as you sweep, and once you have a good signal, then turn on cap light and use during recovery, then off goes the light and back to the Force! If in an area with obstacles, then the King's Caplight has several settings, just use the lowest one with the least light needed to stay out of holes, bushes and pitfalls! :lol::lol::lol:
Yeah definitely try to get by without the headlight on. Using it in red will limit mosquito attraction. Leaving it the bright white light on will attract attention, possibly the police. If you just use moonlight and the led on the propointer, no one will ever notice you are there. You can add discrete use of the headlight, without too much attention. The back light is nice on the ETrac. If the police do approach you they will just ask you to leave.
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