Getting burned twice in the last year helped me do the right thing.

Karma is real! BYW , I saw the missing shovel ad on Craigslist! Did you see the one on ' missed connections' of the woman looking for the metal detecting guy with the nice eyes at the beach!

Missed that one! I don't think she's looking for me. The only women who find me attractive are 60 year old Skynyrd groupies and toothless biker chicks!
I know for a fact some are, I watched it happen!
Was on a roof one day with a roofer and he was saying he found a big gold ring where we were standing. :shock: Wait, how did a ring get up here? He said that below us was a jewelry store and maybe a guy tried to bring his wedding ring back and they would not take it. So he threw it on the roof, he must of had a good arm. I look around every time I'm on that roof ... no luck for me :(
Ouch. I try to take inventory of equipment when i get back to my car... put detector in trunk, then lesche, and check pinpointer and hand digger. Had to walk back through a schoolyard once when I realized somehow after my last target i left my Carrot lying on the ground.
I once had a lost wallet returned stuffed with 50 $50 bills, I was amazed, I figured I'd be very lucky to get my ID back, I had already written off the $2,500 as a dumb error on my part.
The guy wouldn't accept a reward either, so I bought him a $50 tray of arabic pastries, which he gladly accepted. That stuck with me and has helped me to do the right thing more than once.
I hope it doesn't take getting burned for everyone to do the right thing.

Guess you missed the point, as usual. Three pages of nice comments and then you come along and feel the need to be a Debbie Downer and rehash our longstanding hatred of one another. I'll take the high road on this one. I'm tired of fighting with bitter people...
Long story, but bear with me. Left my red handle Lesche digger at a public field last summer. Went back the next morning, but it was long gone. Posted an ad on Craigslist lost and found hoping someone would return it, but no luck. No one turned it in to the local PD either.

Last month, left my Sampson T-handle shovel at a public land trust. Realized my mistake and went back within half an hour. Only one car in the lot when I left, so I figured the odds were good that it was still there. Nope, they took it and didn't reply to my ad on Craigslist. Didn't turn it in to the PD either.

Safe to say, those bad experiences made me bitter and angry and just confirms my general hatred of the people around here. Never been much of a people person anyway, as many of you guys know! Lol!

Fast forward to yesterday. Got a coffee at Dunkin Donuts and drove around the back to park and enjoy it. Pulled up to a spot and noticed a wallet on the ground! No one nearby, so I grabbed it and looked for an ID. Had some courtesy cards and a few credit cards in it with the owner's name on them, but no driver's license or anything with an address on it. Also had $100 cash inside. Could have probably gotten away clean with it, but the two bad experiences above made me do the right thing and turn it in to the nearest police station.

After losing around $140 worth of diggers, I could imagine how lousy this guy would have felt losing the cash and all those cards. So thanks to the jerks in this world, they helped me do the right thing (even though my girlfriend thinks I'm nuts for not taking the cash)!
good Karma and makes you feel good. My dog on a walk was sniffing at something off the trail. Pulled him away and there was a brown man's wallet with a woman's credit card, personal ID and about $300 in cash. My dad taught me to always return found cash and he led by example. Once the teller give him $400 too much when he cashed a check. I was about twelve. I ask what are we go to buy with it? He said nothing, and turned around and took the money back to the teller. My boss once found a neighbors cash pouch with I think 2-3 thousand dollars in it in the road. The neighbor had put it on top of the car while loading other stuff and drove off and it fell off in front of my boss's home. He also returned it to the neighbor because his company name was on the deposit slip.

I think I read somewhere when people lose their property, it is still legally their property and should be returned if found and the owner can be identified. I am not sure if this is really true or just a faulty memory from something I think I read long ago.

ok Mr. Google found this:

Georgia Law O.C.G.A.If a person has in their possession something that they were unaware was stolen but they find out later that the item was lost or mislaid, then they are not allowed to keep the item. As soon as you discover that the property is lost and you decide not to return it, then criminal intent appears.

Yeah, in Georgia that law is pretty clear. But let's consider finding a plain 10k men's wedding band. Heck, I found it metal detecting in a totlot, and yeah, it was obviously lost. So I am breaking the GA law by finding it and keeping it? Hmm, I think I need Tom_in_CA to weigh in on this one.
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Did you post their loss on Craigslist ? :laughing:

Y'all can go ahead and get your flamethrowers ready, I KNOW it's coming but...

The OP did not "get burned", he self-immolated (look it up) and wants to blame someone else for not checking Craigs List (I honestly didn't know that was still around) to see if he had lost anything today. Did he have his name and phone number on his diggers? I'm sure the wallet had ID info in it... but good on him for turning it in.

loved that show. Does anyone know where it is streaming and not too expensive?
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