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Jan 11, 2006
Today (Sunday) was the first time my wife has been out detecting with me. It was a club outing to Margate, this is in the county of Kent, in the S.E. of England.
The weather forecast wasn't very good, but although it was a dull day, we didn't get much of the expected rain.

Out of the kindness of my heart, I let Annette use the Garrett 250, and I used my Hawkeye. This is the European version of the DeLeon. As it was I should have let her use the Hawkeye, as it was better suited to the conditions, for a beginner.

There were a dozen or so of us there, and not much was found apart from some modern coinage, although one member managed to find two gold rings.

Annette and I, found £1.40 between us :roll:


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You look like a good looking couple out there Alan :) Umm is your wife doing the banana swing? ;)
I think it cool to have your wife hunting with you Alan. I wish mine would come along with me sometimes. But she just have the interest, oh well.
You both look right at home, and its fun to share with a loved one. I wish i could get my girlfriend interested in it, She brings it up but when it comes to doing it she is not so entheused, I'd even let her use the detecotr, since I have only one, and I'd do the digging. but its not to be ,for now. Sounds like you had a good outting in all. Congrats, Hope she 'll get the fever and start to want to go more often. smg
Thanks for the replies. It wasn't too cold out, but was pretty windy, with some light rain.

I'm not sure if my wife will come out detecting much with me, but perhaps she has a taste for it ?
I'd like here to get interested, as it would make it easier for me to go out at weekends. I think I'll just have to see, perhaps if it's a warm day, on a flat field, or a nice beach ? :yes:

Last year we took up astronomy, which is something we can share, and go to the club meetings together.
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