Finally after 10 years !!


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Jul 7, 2011
First for us....a walking liberty !! Dug this in very hard ground about 6 inches, using a Fisher F2. Now we need to find a standing and seated liberty .


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Welcome to the exclusive and elite walking-liberty half club. You can now learn the secret handshake :)
Congratulations! I found my first "Walking Liberty Half" about 5 weeks ago now. Mine was 1934 and more worn than yours. But I this little "video loop" that runs in my head of seeing that sucker come out of the dirt. All shiney silvery and big and round. Still a thrill!
Good work. You forgot to add the elusive "running Liberty" coin to go with sitting, walking and standing. Good luck with that.
The “secret handshake” Tom mentioned is where you have the coin in your hand and when you shake his hand you transfer it to him.:lol: So, yeah…beware of that…
Long considered by those who enjoy numismatics to be the most beautiful coin the US mint has ever produced, and perhaps the most beautiful coin ever in the entire world. The Walking Liberty half dollar has art designed on both sides that is hard to believe, once you get it under a glass. Even a 5x glass will give you an appreciation for what it really is, they are a VERY special coin.
A big congratulations on finding one in the wild, they are definitely out there just waiting to be put in someone’s art collection once again.
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