Does anyone keep a permission Log?


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Sep 9, 2010
I'm questioning why I'm even asking this since I don't even have one permission. But does anyone keep a log or list of permissions so they can use it to show people? Sort of like a contractors list of likes.
Seems to me it would be an excellent thing to have, especially since sometimes its quite a bit of work to get a permission in the first place.
If you do have one, what does it list? I might like to at least have it ready, just in case !
I don’t think people care where I have gotten permission before unless they know them. When I ask permission I’ll drop neighbor names or prominent local places I my have been. Your selling your self you don’t need paper work for some one to look at. Good luck! All they can say is no. Than just go to the next door.
Agree with MDM, I let folks know I've detected several locations in the area or point to neighbor houses I've done. If I'm local, I tell them that too, get right to the point, seeking permission to detect the yard from coins and relics, if no, move on, when woman answer the door she almost always says she'll have to check with her husband, so I leave my card.
I agree with MDM, once I get a permission and am knocking on neighbors doors, I let them know that John, or Joe, or Suzy their neighbor gave me permission to detect the front yard. I do not keep lists to show homeowners. I mostly detect Missoula Montana which is a large (for Montana) town. I keep the 80 page 1955 Sanborn Fire Insurance map copy with me, and mark off the curb strips and private permissions as I complete detecting them. I do write down the first name of the owner so I can use as reference if needed, but lists of people, no.
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