Crazy couple of hunts!


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Apr 12, 2014
NORTH ADAMS, Massachusetts
I was due... keep in mind I am retired, and invest a minimum of forty hours a week to this awesome hobby! Went out with a couple of friends yesterday, and we hit half a dozen sites, and put some good work in! Five coppers between three of us. I got a real nice 1802 counter stamped draped bust, and counterfeit Vermont state copper! FF to today and I hiked out to a site I wasnt sure was going to be there or not...I GOT LUCKY!! Virgin early settlers site! I got a matched pair of silver applied shoe buckles! One is smooshed so the curve is different, but both intact! I also got another draped bust a beautiful 1800! Conservation of these buckles i
s going to be a real challenge! very much afraid if I attack the rust It may delaminate? I used a little CLR on the smooshed one, and it seams to work pretty good... but I have some big rust deposits on the silver...
That’s some great finds. I’m jelly. Not of your finds. All tho they are great. I wish I had half of the time you have to detect.

Keep those great finds coming.
Great finds! Congrats,
I'm not retired yet but I work 3rd shift so I'm able to get out 3 to 4 hours a day during the week. But I always feel rushed. Sometimes I'll hunt longer, but by the time I get back home, shower, eat, and hand out with my dogs. I end up loosing sleep. Can't wait to not have worry about that work thing.😃
East coast LC's and Colonial coppers : Lies lies lies !

But : Nice buckles though :shrug: :friends:
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