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Jan 1, 2019
Carson City, NV
I received 2 books for Christmas about the historical travel routes in my neck of the woods. I started reading one of those books yesterday and it's perhaps the best historical book I've read. So excited for this upcoming hunting season and the locations I've already marked as must hunt. From gold rush camps to logging camps. Early settlements that have gone from sawmills in the 1860's to Boy Scout camps in the 1920's. Then there's the treasure trove of sideway research this one particular book has led me to. Of all my Christmas presents the books are the best!
Congrats ! Hopefully past md'rs haven't exploited that book.

As for boyscout camps ".... that date to the 1920s" : I am sure that past decades of md'rs would have researched those out. But if you find one that no one exploited, those can be silver mines.

There was one along the coast of CA, south of Carmel CA (near Big sur) that dated from the very early 1930s, to the mid 1950s. And then ceased all use (was moved to another location). The first guy to ever detect this place (mid 1970s, with a Compass 77b) filled a cigar box filled to the brim of silver coins.

He said that in some spots between trees (where 25+ yrs. of repeated tents get erected between two trees), you could just randomly take a stick, disturb the sides of the square shape depressions, and : Silver dimes would just come rolling out of the sides.

But don't forget, some camps didn't get much usage . Hopefully you find one with many years of heavy usage, and totally abandoned by no later than 1960-ish :)

Good luck !
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