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Another week, another CRH.....

Soil Surgeon

Forum Supporter
Oct 18, 2014
San Mateo County, CA
And the results of KT's search efforts of 2 Boxes of halves is nothing. Feast or famine, that is CRHing. :shock::lol::lol::lol:

After not trying for several years I gave it a shot last week .I cleaned the bank out of all they had , a whopping $103.00 worth . :lol: 10 rolls and 6 singles .I experienced famine also .:( Good luck to you on next trip .


Official Tot Lot King
Forum Supporter
Mar 18, 2011
Mabelvale, south of Little Rock, Arkansas
Well poop! :lol: You did well on the last one, so penance :laughing: JK KT

HA HA Yep, Call it averaging DOWN! LOL

On a side note, Olde KT has been under the weather, to the point that yesterday, the Queen insisted He take a home Covid test. Passed it with flying colors, but still does not make His Majesty feel any better...heavy chest congestions and when He coughs it sounds like some lung is coming up. Hopefully it will be pretty well broken up by this Thursday when KT goes to get more coin from the Royal Bank! :D:D

And to top it all off, the Castle's internet has been down for 3 days...repairman just left...up again for now. :yes: This is the 3rd repairman, different guy every time, in a week!:p:p


Elite Member
Nov 10, 2016
Eastern Connecticut
KT would expect someone would ask that kind of price for pristine mint rolled uncirculated halves, but asking is not getting. Just keep that in mind. KT does not purchase “collector” quality coins, only hunts for those in circulation.

I think "His Highness" missed the joke.........
1964 Kennedy Halves are worth $982, just as 2 Kennedy Halves are worth $1