1890 School


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Oct 23, 2022
N. Texas
There's an old school where I live that was built in 1890 and it included grassy areas and even an old baseball field. The school district had stopped using the school decades ago and they were basically using it as storage but ended up selling it to a private investor who converted it into lofts. I've been given permission to hunt the entire property. I'm hoping there's some decent finds considering the age of the property and at the time it was built, it was the prominent school for the town. It's changed somewhat over the years but the building basically looks the same.


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That would be over the top awesome to hunt. You are gonna be real busy for a long time there. :waytogo:
I'm definitely hoping so. I don't believe it's been detected much if at all. I would think though at some point it had been in the past. But, hey, no big deal. I'm sure there's still some silver hiding somewhere.
If anything like the schools here, it’s been pounded the last 50 years by detectorists. That does not mean there aren’t any good finds to be had. Any luck?
Looks promising. I always assume every site like that has been detected before. But like amc said, there's most likely some good stuff left. Best of luck!
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