1. GKL

    UV Lights and Fluorescent Minerals - a fun side hobby to metal detecting !

    Fluorescent minerals and UV lights can be a fun and interesting side hobby to metal detecting, so I thought I'd start a thread where any other fluorescent mineral "rock hounds" or people simply interested in considering the hobby can join in and post. Now I am very much a rank amateur when it...
  2. I

    another oddity

    This hit in the mid 80's on my F2 making me think it was possibly a silver dollar (quarters = 79-80 ) It is not attracted to a magnet, it was hard to file, it appears to have stones and such imbeded in it.:?: Rather than speculate and influence your guesses. See for yourself.
  3. A

    New to cleaning

    ok so i have been told to use electrolysis on any clad. This being quarters, dimes and nickles. Was told to use a tumbler on pennies, and all silver. I have read to use the baking soda washing power in your water and i understand all this. I am just looking for maybe a list of what i can clean...
  4. TheCoilist

    Rock collectors?? Value in rocks?

    Does anyone collect rocks? I have a small rock collection that I literally have no room for. I don't know anything about rocks or anything of that nature. I know only about half of what I have in my collection. I will take pictures later this evening of them. Anyone know how to identify rocks...
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