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Originally Posted by Country Dirt Kid View post
Those low voltage plugs will work but will probably take all week which is no big deal. Nickel plated steel is not the same as stainless steal so no worries there. What are you trying to clean? There may be a better option than clips. Baking soda works for electrolyte, nothing wrong with that either.
At this point it's just some brass or bronze pieces I've dug up, nothing important at all, maybe some square nails too. I want to have the process down so that when I come across something I do care about I know what I'm doing.

2021 finds:
-$34.91 in clad, 2 IHPs '97, '02; 4 Wheaties, a 1935 buffalo nickel, and 4 silver coins, 5 rings (3 silver), 3 bracelets, 1 necklace
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