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Default big coin show st, Louis Missouri area in November

Coin X will be held November 4th, 5th, and 6th at the ST. Charles Convention center , 1 Convention center plaza , ST. Charles Missouri. Thursday and Friday 10AM-6PM , Saturday 10AM-3PM. FREE admission , free parking , over 150 dealer tables , and a auction . For questions you can contact them at 800-642-4305 . This is a huge coin show held every year. I will definatly be there have got some great deals , also a great place if you are looking to sell any coins you have.

Fisher F4 , Bountyhunter Treker IV ,BH discovery 3300, Whites TRX pinpointer, finds mostly clad nothing worth posting , just retired at the end of 2017 ,so hope I can spend a lot more time detecting in the future. Collect Philippines coins as a hobby

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