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Default 1812 yard !!!

I had secured this permission a few days ago but couldn't get out there due to work and the fact that we got 4 inches of snow the night before.....

I was so anxious to hit a yard this old I really had trouble sleeping the past two nights.....And the day finally arrived and I shot up to the old house in the old hamlet I'd been so giddily awaiting......

I wasn't at the yard for 5 minutes when I got a nice deep signal worthy of digging. It was at the edge of the gravel driveway. I think I recorded for about 5 or 6 minutes before giving up on the target entirely ...I decided to chip at the gravel with my little hand shovel for a few more chips and finally got a hit on the propointer. I was stirring around in the hole looking for something shiny forever then I saw the dull big copper rolling around. I was bummed but finding a largie early in the hunt was definitely promising.
Fastforward 2 hours........still no silvers.....I finally stumble upon a hi hi tone.....shallow , 12-46....I fire up the GoPro again anticipating my first bust silver , but oh no....another copper.....
In the end I ended up with 3 beat up coppers and the oh-so-familiar realization that this yards been combed over before.....
Oh well.....I guess I've had worse hunts before for sure.
The one largie is a pretty clear 1822. The second appears to be a draped. Its rough, but the top of the fraction is visible on the reverse. I doubt I'll get a exact date off of it. The 3rd is complete toast.....

Included are some pix from my previous hunt where I actually did manage to get a few shinies and get over 50 to make my goal.
The weathers starting to turn ugly here in western ny and I'm not foreseeing too many more dig days ,unless I do another Florida trip again. Of course last time I went down there I didn't score any silvers at all.....
Well, happy hunting everyone.
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CTX3030. Silver coins: 2022:(30) 2021:(55) 2020:(47) 2019:(58) , 2018: (70), 2017: (94) , 2016:116(B-Listers: half reale and seated quarter, two-center)5 Barber Quarters!,6 Seated coins, , 2015:97,2014:70,2013 :30

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