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Originally Posted by CJayC View post
"Injuns?" Really? That racist term is actually allowed here?

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I am not afraid of words, are you?
Originally Posted by Stevo View post
Unfortunately, yes. The issue has been discussed, and it is apparently okey-dokey. Nice finds, nonetheless, Matt!
Thanks Stevo
Originally Posted by Crackerjack View post
Didn't you get the memo? Political Correctness is out now. Freedom of expression is back!
Sort of...
Originally Posted by DIGGER27 View post
Great hunt, congrats on the shiny spoon!
Originally Posted by AIRFORCEMIKE View post
Nice job buddy

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Thanks Mike
Originally Posted by beephead View post
Big Congrats on your first silver spoon and on your growing Injun tribe.

Never thought I would find one


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