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Default First love token and more

Between wildfires and Covid I haven't been out much since August. Finally made it out today with my new Coiltec 10x5. The first stop of the day I managed to pull out a seated dime. The dime was sitting near the surface in a heavy iron field. After stop one we drove to where I believe my great great grandparents house was. While I was searching a spot and picking up square nails my buddy NevTrac started finding some tokens nearby. I worked my way over and managed to pull out a token then a foot away I get a solid 12 signal. I dig a few inches down and pull out an 1899 V nickel. My second V nickel this year/ever! NevTrac ends up with 4 tokens initially. We continue searching the area due to broken glass that were good age indicators. I get a screaming high tone, also shallow and pull out my first love token. A very warn 1864 seated dime. We continue on finding a lot of wheat pennies. We decide to head back to the truck and NevTrac finds 2 more tokens bringing his total to 6. It was a good day swinging!
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