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Originally Posted by SeabeeRon View post
This thread was started asking about Dentís Run, then Oak Island came into and now it seems any Treasure Fantasy is fair game.

Maybe I should edit the thread title?!?
Not just yet , I got another. A couple weeks ago a series came up about "Lost Aztec Gold". I thought oh great , this should be good ! 1st episode looked promising as a couple of guys are on their search in the desert looking for areas of "red" dirt from a map and where a relative of some old guy in the past described where he found a gold bar in some cave. Episode 2 and these guys who have been searching for 20+ years find this large red pit. Well , this pit had all sorts of dug out holes in it. Yet these treasure hunters who have crisscrossed this area for ever , have never seen it before. It only got worse from there. That was it for me. Shattering , once again my dreams of actually someone being successful at finding a massive genuine treasure. I don't think it's ever going to happen. I blame it all on Geraldo , who got me hooked. Breaking through Al Capones vault only to find busted whiskey bottles and dirt. ( which reminds me of my own REAL story which I may just post in help identify finds section). Ok..I just posted in the bottles section.

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