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Originally Posted by tag1260 View post

I already have a Compadre detector in 5.75". Would you add the 5.75" for the Vaquero?
I own an older 7" coil Compadre...I still went out and got the concentric sniper for my Vaq to strengthen my arsenal.

Considering a sniper on a Vaq will go way deeper and you have GB and all those other abilities associated with all the extra features the Vaq has to actually and easily go deeper and figure out things a bit better then, is a no brainer.
I have small snipers for all my detectors from low end to high, more often than not small coils are what I use because I hunt mineralized, iron and trash infested sites.

The Compadre will work well on most targets shallow, 5- 6" or so and under, the Vaq can easily pass that and give more accurate information on deeper lying targets so I am not sure why you are comparing these two.
The Compadre is better in iron, for jewelry hunting it is supreme, nothing gets closer to big iron than this one can so it is a must have for every hunter even if used I have always advised.
However, for all around hunting in normal sites especially if deeper targets are possible the Vaq is just more powerful so a more logical choice.
A Vaq and a Compadre with similar sized coils are related but are still different animals.

I say all this assuming you hunt different kinds of sites for targets at all depths.
If all you like to do is hunt tot lots, parks, private lawns and other sites looking for shallow stuff you presently have all that you need.

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I currently use a Nox, an F70, and a a retired F2 and Compadre still stand at the ready for guests.

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