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Old 09-12-2020, 08:30 PM
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Default Eurotek Pro vs F22

I recently upgraded to a Vanquish 440. I now have it, a Tracker IV and a Compadre. I love the new Vanquish and between the three, feel well armed for my skill level, in just about any situation. In other words I don't need another detector. But this is a hobby...and if I want another, why not just go with it I guess I could use my daughter as an excuse, but who am I's for me mostly

So with a budget of about 200, it's down to the F22 and the Eurotek pro.

I like the features of the F22, (like notch), but the F22 doesn't seem to inherit the love from it's users that it's predecessor (F2) enjoyed. Folks seem to like it, but you hear a lot about poor T.I.D. past 3 or 4 inches, chattery, not very deep e.t.c.

The Eurotek Pro is often suggested as a better option in the same price range. I like what I'm seeing on this beeper in reviews and videos. But having trouble understanding how its unique discrimination tone system works. Since it doesn't have notch, it all depends on whether I would like that system or not.

So anyone have any input on the pros and cons of either of these detectors?

I know a few more bucks will get me X, Y or Z machines..but since this is totally frivolous, I'm trying to keep the price point low.

All input much appreciated!
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