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Old 07-31-2020, 05:38 PM
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Default Equinox Coil Mod

As some know I broke a coil ear. So I have modified a coil to more durable specifications. Like all my coils this one is able to be used without a coil cover, which is important for water/beach hunting.

I have done three different steps: 1. I removed the middle cross brace [the coil is over braced!] 2. Epoxied on a coil support piece, followed by epoxying a side plate on each side made out of a piece of plastic wheel barrel. 3. Adding shoe good to the underside open portions of the coil and epoxying the actual coil spots.

Coil weight before project. 16.15 oz, Coil weight after project 16.16 Weight loss of middle brace and coil cover: 2.82oz.

Never having black sand , water weight or EARS THAT WILL BREAK, priceless!

Here is a, did you know. Did you know the coil bolt can hold about a tablespoon of sand/dirt. Tip: Get rid of it and go to a nylon bolt!

Name:  coil 1.jpg
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Name:  coil 2.jpg
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Name:  coil 3.jpg
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