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I've used electrolysis for hydrogen generation for boosting hydrogen content of drinking water. Up to 6 volts is definitely safe, just get a decent amperage rating; a 4.5v or 5.0 cell phone charger is fine. Any charger/transformer will become warm; just use common sense--if the wall plug, wires, or charger become too warm to touch comfortably, disconnect immediately, then try something different.

Baking soda is best for safety. Start with this for safety; then if you really want to get into electrolyis google HHO for results.
I use an electosonic cleaning unit for my jewelry making. It safely cleans gold, silver, etc. Check to be sure if the cleaning fluid is recommended for your particular type of metal or find.
Diluted Dawn liquid, then rinse works for my purposes, including pearls.. I've gotten the rust off brass beads (5-10 yr.old).

Perhaps a DIY ultrasonic cleaner would be a good project!! start with an old phono motor......
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