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I am probably going to do some experimenting with this and have done a little of this for gun parts years ago. I will take pictures and post them.

A little word of advise is not to use a AC/DC transformer like a cell phone charger. Its a fire hazard. Those rely on the phone to control the amperage, so if used in an electrolysis situation the theoretical amperage draw is limitless and it will create heat until something gives. A good automotive battery charger is a better solution as they have thermal overloads build in and many have amperage adjustments where you can set the max amp draw.

An even better solution is a power supply for a model train set. They have a set voltage and you vary the amperage with the speed control. Meaning if you put the speed control in the middle and short the 2 wires together the amp draw will not go beyond a certain set point. They also have thermal overloads as well..... in case things get a little crazy.

I would also like to add... that the gas you are smelling when using table salt is Chlorine Gas. Very dangerous and very deadly. Probably not deadly in the amounts you will be generating..... but keep in mind...... Chlorine gas was used in WW1 as a chemical weapon. It reacts with the moisture in your lungs causing burns.... which causes a ton of mucus to build up.... and basically you drown.

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