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Originally Posted by pacer View post
Just a quick update. My second set has arrived. My plan was and still is to carry both sets of earbuds with me while detecting and if and when the battery on one set is depleted, I would pair the other set. Unfortunately and not really a big deal, can't just pair the backup set. I will have to do a factory reset on my Nox before the backup set will pair. Not a big problem for me as I mostly detect utilizing the factory presets. However, when I reach a point when I will be utilizing custom programs, it will be a little more time consuming. Still not a big issue for me. When out detecting for most of the day, taking a 15 minute beak to reset the Nox and pair a set of earbuds is fine with me as I take breaks throughout the day anyway.
Sounds a bit of a pain but at least hopefully you won't need to do it very often.

Currently I am using a Taotronices Blue tooth transmitter (Bluetooth 4.1, aptX Low Latency) on my Racer 2 to give me a a wireless function to my August EP650 headphones ...For a budget set up it works very well and has no noticeable lag...

I've been looking for a set of LL earbuds here in the UK, but the only already mentioned are fairly expensive and more than I want to spend for the use I will get...Therefore I think I am going try a Taotronics low latency Bluetooth reciever coupled with a set of wired ear buds (which I already own) and see how I get on...
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