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Old 10-10-2021, 06:39 PM
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Default "3D" outing good for PR of the hobby

"3D" ends with good P.P. for the hobby
Nogo was chomping at the bit to get on the road on a day that felt like a dig. Then again there are not too many days that don't! Down the 100 series provincial highway towards Berwick which is named Harvest Highway being the farm area of my province. Had a full tank of juice in Nogo when we left on a brilliant day returning in the twilight with a 1/4 tank of petrol upon arriving home. Must add that the roads were packed being the long weekend of Thanksgiving with all the drivers eating nut bars being a hazard to themselves as everyone else. Lord love a duck it was crazy! With covid even the annual Pumpkin People Festival was bare boned compared to pre pandemic times.
After a stop at Tim's were we loaded up on a cuppa tea and donuts, then at Quickstop for crisps and chocolate bars and finally hotdogs at a large retailer who I dislike to put it mildly and will not name. All the health groups of non healthy food was had. Off course we took a few photos on the way as Nova Scotia in the fall is just too beautiful to ignore.
First dig was at a small park in Windsor were Zen Guru and I was approached by a fellow and his son. He stated that about 2weeks ago he had lost a key in this park.....a dozen minutes later I called Mr. Matthews over and gave his son their key. Chalk one up for good p.r. for our hobby. Created a new game to enhance the older ones like "Follow the ball," "Land with the Robins," "Drunken Sailor Grid" and "One beep right two beeps left turn." This new game I named "Find one coin before leaving." Sounds easy but every stop was a place that I plus countless other detectorists have hammered. During the outing stopped at 6 spots with the last one being morbid and more than a tad morose! This school ground must have been a training spot for what comes at the end of the month.....Hallowe'en! First find there was an eyeball one. The corpse was buried with it's feet pointed towards the heavens in a sand box. When I pulled it out it was a ghastly sight as it had been beheaded. What are they teaching our young ones these days! Nice day out but not very productive.
On a bright note my father gave us his vehicle which he cannot drive anymore. Marie was pleased to no end as she no longer has to rely on her sister or walk to work when I'm at work. Had to think up a new name. In the past it has been Goquickski from Poland, Quosimoto from Japan, Nogo Sojo from South Korea. I am now proud to announce the arrival of Whereyouagonnagonow from India. Marie was always out and about before and now I fear she will be out even more. Sad but on the flip side bloody brilliant as I now have more "freedom" to pursue my life long hobby! Happy Thanksgiving all!
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Old 10-10-2021, 10:07 PM
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Sounds like a great outing!

I'm going to steal your "Drunken Sailor Grid" game. It'll be a variation of my "Aimless Wandering Grid".

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Old 10-11-2021, 09:59 PM
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I like the 3D analogy, and in my case sometimes its Drive, Dig, Dinner. Good on you for the PR!

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