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Old 05-26-2022, 11:50 AM
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Default Fisher M-Scope coil connector wiring diagram

Just purchased an 11" coil from classifieds for Dads old 1265X. More of a "nostalgia" reason than anything else.

Let me begin saying, I got exactly what I'd purchased, so none of this is a complaint:

USPS delivered it, and when he handed me the box, I thought it was full of bricks I weighed the coil, and it comes in at 4.5 POUNDS

I won't be swinging this alot!

Anyway, purpose of this post is the fact that the coil came with a 25' cable. Yes 25 FEET. I have no idea as to why so long, but I chopped well over 20' off of it, and thought in the process I'd post the wiring to connector diagram, in the event someone needed it.

Here it is:

Before, you can see the coil of removed cable to the left:


Tesoro: Vaquero, DeLeon, Cibola with GB mod, and Compadre (with coil swap and 3-D mods).
Fisher: 1265X
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