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Old 05-28-2022, 08:12 AM
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Back when KFC commercials were scary as heck!

In the battle of Thermopylae the Persian Armies demanded that the Greeks surrender their weapons. King Leonidas responded saying "Molon Labe." Translation "Come and get it".

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Old 05-28-2022, 10:49 AM
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Originally Posted by gummy View post
I got dizzzzy looking at it

Originally Posted by davidlhyde63366 View post
got to love some of those old adds, very creative for the times , bring back lots of memories .
Yep, back then there were many commercials that were fun and you actually enjoyed looking at them instead of simply waiting for it to be done

Originally Posted by Nacro View post
Grew up in the 1960's. We didn't even have a TV for many years, although that was somewhat rare. My parents bought an encyclopedia set (like wikipedia, but printed in books), loved sitting around and reading that. Grew up in the country so rode the ponies of all the neighbors whose kids had grown up and moved away. Man, those were vicious beasts. Riding bikes. Building tree houses. Used to ride my horse to the nearest store (an old-timey convenience store) and buy all my friend's cigarettes. It was a quarter a pack (50 cents?). Dancing wildly to vinyl records, not cool stuff. "Building" stuff with random wood, nails, hammers, PVC pipe, whatever. Making dirt ramps to ride our bikes over. Going to town to do the weekly laundry and also visit the library. There were 3 of us kids and we'd play cards except we'd have to hide behind the living room chairs so no one could cheat by looking at each other's cards. You'd have to crawl out to the middle of the floor to draw or leave cards. When we moved to California (Central Valley) we swam in the irrigation canals, freeezzzziiinnnggg cold water from the bottom of the reservoirs. We raised some quail from eggs that didn't hatch from the nest the mother built in our yard. One lived to adult hood.
Neat, you had a rural childhood many kids would have looked at as an adventure

Wow, many kids back then would have loved to ride a pony to get around, especially back in the days when the old westerns were so popular, I grew up in the suburbs so that really wasn't an option (I live in in a semi-rural area now)

Yep, it was fun to build forts and treehouses out of whatever scrap material you could find, and it seemed we would play the 500 Rummy card game a lot, I guess as a diversion from playing Monopoly so much

Probably the most unusual wildlife I remember having was a pet Chameleon lizard I got thru a mail order ad, it ended up escaping in the back yard, also I liked getting those Venus Fly Trap plants as it was amazing to see a plant that was so unusual.

Originally Posted by itsaring! View post
Back when KFC commercials were scary as heck!
Neat, either I didn't see that one or just don't remember seeing it.

I worked part time for a short while at a Gino's restaurant after I turned 15 and back when I worked there (I think somewhere about 1968-69) they had the rights to make KFC chicken. After being trained to make fries, burgers, take orders, I was eventually trained to make the KFC chicken, the chicken went into a milk-like bath, and then coated with the flour after the seasoning mix had been mixed in, and yes the packets that had the secret herbs and spices did not have the ingredients listed

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1960s, kids, nostalgia

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