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Old 05-10-2021, 10:28 PM
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Default In the late 60's...

I was in Norfolk, Va. selling Bible books-a teenager. As I left a home late (I was invited to supper), I gazed over their home and a gigantic fireball with an image like the sun appeared- large enough to amaze. As I gazed, it suddenly flashed to the left in the far night sky. As my eyes adjusted, I saw a multitude of tiny red blinking lights that instantly darted back and forth randomly in the general area the fiery ball headed. In about 30 seconds I could hear the roar of jets,presumably from Norfolk Air base rushing to that area. Suddenly, the blinking lights vanished one by one. Later that year back at college in Texas, several of us would stand in front of our dorm and watch these blinking lights dart back and forth. Then, the next year the sightings suddenly stopped. Had I not experienced this, I would never considered studying these phenomena.
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