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Old 03-15-2019, 04:14 PM
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Default limited areas of Civil War Battle sites in Atlanta

In Atlanta there are some major civil war battle sites just north of the city, west of the city and northwest all the way up to Chattanooga.

Believe it or not the big national battle field at Kennesaw Mtn, was a minor battle field. I was just the most scenic and available area close to Atlanta so they made it a national battle field. The major Atlanta cw battle was closer into Atlanta but when they were making the national battlefield decision that area was covered by a neighborhood in the 1940's.

so in that area about the only areas you can hunt are along the creeks. These creeks tend to have 12 foot banks and then smaller banks below the 12 foot banks that are constantly flooded.

I have not had much luck in the flood plains along the creeks and rivers since they flood quite a bit like once every 2-3 years. Since 1864 that amounts to a lot of sand to bury the relics.

so I am asking maybe an obvious question, should I just stick to hunting in the creeks and branches which all are pretty shallow except when flooding.

Also am hunting with a Nox 800 so I plan to search with park2 or field2 for relics. not counting on finding a lot of coins. I figure there would be more relics in this area than coins.

any hints and tips you could give me?

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Old 03-20-2019, 08:02 AM
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Well, you gotta hunt what you got in your AO...People needed water and crossings were not as easy as they are now, so Yeah..I'd hunt the creeks if thats all I had...I'd try to determine a certain stretch that hasnt left its bed in 200yrs though..


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