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Old 10-27-2019, 09:04 PM
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Default Finding Deep Targets with Nox & 15" coil Question

I have the 15" coil for my Nox 800.

I have not really dug many deep signals due to the summer and early fall drought in the south. Now rains have come and the dirt is now moist.

Question on faint signals. Will a silver dime laying flat sound pretty much the same at 11" deep as say 6" deep, just fainter?

Need some more help on recognizing deep good targets with my 800.


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Old 10-28-2019, 03:22 AM
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Will a silver dime laying flat sound pretty much the same at 11" deep as say 6" deep, just fainter?

that has been my experience. Depending on what tones you are using, 5 tones it will be just high, 50 tones it may vary some since the numerical target ID will have a wider spread and at least in my area may include some negative numbers for the naturally occurring iron in the soil. I usually still get a fairly decent two way signal or at least a one way signal each way when I X the target. I hunted near Carrollton GA for a bit last month and found some deep 9" wheats with similar characteristics.

I know Calabash Digger has milder soil than where you are but his results on his deep silver targets should be similar to yours on his YouTube videos.

In moderate to high mineralization I don't know how much the 15" will help with depth since it has to deal with more surface area of the mineralization.......


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Old 10-28-2019, 11:11 AM
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Listen for the faint high tones. Swing slower. I have found that VDI is pretty good at all depths with this machine. Dug an 8" solid nickel and the VDI never moved off 13.
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15" coil, 800, deep targets, equinox

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