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Old 09-06-2019, 07:23 PM
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Default Tokyo?

Iíll be in the Tokyo area around January of next year. Iím looking for some people to go detecting.
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Old 09-08-2019, 01:35 PM
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Originally Posted by Veritas View post
Iíll be in the Tokyo area around January of next year. Iím looking for some people to go detecting.

I would LOVE to detect beaches of Japan. Although, the only beaches within striking distance of Tokyo, are Tokyo bay and Sagami bay. Both very "sheltered" and "shadowed" from the actual ocean . Not normal ocean-facing beaches.

And the problem with any beach that's within the striking distance of the tourist-traffic zones of Tokyo (from what I've heard) is that they are all man-made "fill" beaches. Where rubble from the building booms of post WWII were dumped on to the the beaches as rip-rap. And sand put over the top. That effectively pushed the beaches out further into the ocean (ie.: man-made beaches).

So that if you dig more than a foot down, you hit old concrete, asphalt, rubble, etc... Filled with rebar, little bits of wire, blah blah blah. So you're limited to recent shallow drops (and heaven help you if you show up with a pulse machine that can't knock out iron).

Also, since their inner-bay beaches, they will not be subject to normal erosion patterns (very subtle anyhow). Since they do not face the regular ocean that's going to benefit from swells, wind, and the normal erosion rules. So you're just going to be hunting for "random drops". Not able to search for possible mother-nature erosion pockets.

If you got out to to the eastern or southern side of Chiba, then you could maybe find normal ocean facing beaches, that are not man-made, and subject-to-finding normal erosion.

But with just a random visit, where you can't know the "norms" , even that is going to be next to impossible. Not likely to just roam in on a random day, and stumble into a "pocket". For example, here where I'm at in CA, we study-the-heck out of this stuff, and are lucky to find a dozen or two-dozen days a year that are truly spectacular "thick pockets" (where you can hardly take a step without getting multiple coins/beeps). So I can't imagine a person just "happen-chance" arriving to land on a specific zone and day.

But if that could ever be done, I can only imagine how good it would be in Japan. Since they have $1 and $5 coins, that circulate every-bit-as-much as we carry quarters. And also since md'ing is relatively unknown there, in their culture. You'd likely be the only one to be wise to such erosion .

Good luck ! Post pix !
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