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Old 08-16-2022, 06:19 PM
Andrew65 Andrew65 is offline
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Default Simplex + question

Hello from a new guy in Michigan,

I have been reading and learning quite a bit here. I am learning to research and getting decent with the machine. Wanted to get opinions on when to not dig a signal. At times I will get a decent signal and then dig the outline of the plug and pry up just a little. I then do a rescan with the detector and pointer. Quite often the signal will get much weaker and the number reduces or gets erratic. Would you continue with that dig or move on.
Depending on where I am I try to not to dig too many useless holes especially when the ground is dry. Any feedback is appreciated
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Old 08-16-2022, 09:24 PM
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Default Disturbed

I use a Simplex and I will not speak for any other detector. When I get a good consistent signal in two directions I dig it. Disturbing the soil around a target sometimes changes the reading. Usually it will be lower out of the hole. The more targets you dig the more you will know. Hope this helped.
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Old 08-17-2022, 07:49 AM
mdscntst mdscntst is offline
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Also a Simplex user and have experienced what you describe, though do not believe it is specific to the Simplex. In most cases, this is likely the "halo effect" where you have an iron object that is oxidizing underground, and basically kind of making the soil rusty, which makes the signal sound very different from what it would have if the object was freshly dropped. When you start digging and shifting the soil, the halo breaks and signal starts sounding junkier.

Would I keep digging? It depends on where and when and what I'm looking for, but as you say, extra holes in bone dry ground aren't great. In sand or nice and damp soil I might give it a try just out of curiosity, because sometimes an iron number can surprise you. As another reply already mentioned, I find that a signal being stable and repeatable with a 90 degree turn on it is the best flag for digging.
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Old 08-17-2022, 10:07 AM
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Andrew welcome to the hobby from Pittsburgh, Pa. Not detector specific, it does happen. And the halo effect, already mentioned is one of the many variables you will encounter in this hobby. Learning your machine is the best advice one can give. And I hear you about digging dry hard ground and I don't dig iffy signals in those conditions. However I am a sucker for a sweet hightone and in cooler weather/moister soil I often chase those and in some cases it pays off. Same with the trash mid tones, good stuff lays in alot of those #s. Learning tone is key. It will help in many instances. One tip I can give, Put a few coins down on a clean piece of ground, swing over them and learn the sweet spot on your coil. Remember this when your hunting, A GOOD TARGET DOES NOT MOVE. You get a good repeatable tone, now take note of the exact blade of grass, leaf, rock ect. turn 90 degrees and see if the tone is still there. If you have to move your coil around and search for that same signal, most likely junk. If it gives the same tone in the exact same spot, notice I said tone, #s can and will vary, you have a good target. Dig. I like to use the wiggle back as opposed to the pinpoint function on the detector to locate the target.
Wiggle the coil back to you from sweet spot to the front edge, and again from 90 degrees and your target, IF it is a good target will be just at the front edge of the coil. I hunt mostly with the 6in. coil and using this method I rarely miss my target. Again this ain't fool proof, too many variables but I hope this helps a little in deciding when to dig. Good luck. Mark

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Old 08-17-2022, 10:50 PM
Andrew65 Andrew65 is offline
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Thanks Mark , tried that tonight and found a wheat right away.
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Old 09-15-2022, 04:15 PM
Rondall Rondall is offline
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I would highly recommend investing in a pinpointer such as the Garrett carrot. Once you have opened the hole, it will be a huge time saver.

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Old 09-15-2022, 07:06 PM
Solong Solong is offline
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I also do the 2 directions method to verify.
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